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Vermicular Recipe Book 00 (English version)
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Vermicular Recipe Book 00

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減らす 増やす

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  • Book (soft cover):84 pages
  • Publisher:Vermicular Books
  • Dimensions:21×14.8×0.9cm(A5 format)
    (1cm= 0.4in)

Proudly presented by our Customer Service Department, this recipe book is enclosed for free with every pot, because it is indispensable.
To make the most of your Vermicular pot, this recipe book contains 22 recipes with simple procedures to bring out the food's taste. Just follow the instructions to master Vermicular's techniques. From the history of Vermicular to the presentation of the manufacturing process, you'll know everything about Vermicular!

Before getting started
Brand philosophy
Instructions for use
Ergonomic design
About the use of the 18 cm (1.85 QT.) pot
Heat adjustment
A day in the Vermicular Customer Service Department
Instructions for maintenance
Secrets for bringing out the best in food
Made in Japan by skilled craftsmen
History of Vermicular

Introduction — Your first meal Steamed cabbage, mushrooms, and chicken
Basics — Cooking without water Japanese curry
Steamed vegetables
Boiled fish
Baked sweet potato
Soups Minestrone
Pork miso soup
Pot au feu
Sautés Roast chicken
Potato Pork
Fluffy hamburger
Japanese pork stew
Boiled Rice Boiled rice and brown rice
Cooking with oil Chicken and mushrooms Ajillo
Octopus and broccoli Ajillo
Cooking with steam Custard pudding
Others Pasta, soft boiled egg, boiled greens
Bread pudding