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  3. Vermicular Recipe Book 01「Everyday Vermicular」(English version)

Vermicular Recipe Book 01
"Everyday Vermicular" (English version)
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Vermicular Recipe Book 01「Everyday Vermicular」(English version)

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  • Book (soft cover):148 pages
  • Publisher:Vermicular Books
  • Dimensions:21×14.8×1.4cm (A5 format)
    (1cm= 0.4in)

This is the book to enjoy Vermicular every day, proudly presented by our Customer Service Department.
A 148 pages volume introducing 72 recipes with simple procedures to bring out the food's taste.
A must-have to enjoy good food and good friends with lots of cooking ideas, from vegetables and meat dishes to bread or sponge cake baked without oven...!

P4 Introduction
P6 Brand Philosophy
P10 Instructions for use
P12 Three different heat settings that you will find in this book
P13 About the use of the 18 cm (1.85 QT.) Vermicular pot
P22 Cooking Class from the Customer Service Department: Dips
P46 My Favorite Vermicular [Column 1]
P60 Cooking Class from the Customer Service Department: Soup-Stock
P104 My Favorite Vermicular [Colum 2]
P116 Cooking Class from the Customer Service Department: Bread
P132 Instructions for maintenance
P134 About Aichi Dobby Ltd. and Vermicular
P136 Made in Japan
P138 Conversion Table
P140 Troubleshooting
P142 Ingredient Index

Vegetables P16 Ratatouille
P18 Oeufs en Cocotte with Spinach
P20 Bagna Càuda with Grilled Vegetables
P24 Mashed Potatoes / Potato Salad
P26 Four Kinds of Potage
P28 Spanish omelet
P30 Japanese radish hotpot
P32 Creamy Mushroom Stew
P34 Marinated Vegetable Salad
P36 Tomato Sauce
P38 Winter Melon Soup
P40 Millefeuille with Chinese cabbage and Pork
P42 Simmered Chicken with Japanese Vegetables
P44 Kimchi Jjigae
Seafood P50 Bouillabaisse (Provençal Fish Stew)
P52 Aqua Pazza (Poached White Fish)
P54 Tom Yam Kung
P56 Baked Salmon Parcels with Butter
P58 Simmered Sardines with Plums
P62 Oyster Stew with Miso
P64 Simmered Yellowtail Fillet with Daikon Radish
P66 Simmered Squid with Japanese Taros
Meat P70 Roasted Pork with Shio-Koji(Salted Rice Malt)
P72 Red Wine Beef Stew
P74 Butter Chicken Curry
P76 Roast Beef with Gravy
P78 Pork Rib Stew in Tomato Sauce
P80 Chicken Wing Stewed in Vinegar
P82 Beef Stroganoff
Rice and Beans P88 Sea Bream Rice
P90 Chinese Steamed Sticky Rice
P92 Red Beans and Rice
P94 Paella
P96 Japanese Mixed Rice with Mushrooms
P98 Risotto with Bacon and Shimeji Mushrooms
P100 Sweet Black Soybeans
P102 Chili Con Carne
Bread and Deserts P108 Sponge Cake
P110 Peach Compote and Baked Apples
P112 Fondant au Chocolat(Chocolate Fondant)
P114 Plain Bread / Walnut and Raisin Bread / Chocolate Bread
P118 Four Kinds of Jams
P120 Ohagi (Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean Paste)
P122 Roast Chestnuts / Chestnut Paste
Easy and Quick P126 Boiled Edamame Beans,Corns and Pumpkins
P128 Steamed Asari Clams in Sake / Braised Hijiki
P130 Grilled Pork Rice Bowl / Nametake Mushrooms