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  3. Oven Pot Round 18cm
  4. Oven Pot Round 18cm - Natural Beige (cast-iron pot)

Oven Pot Round 18cm - Natural Beige (cast-iron pot)

  • Diameter:18cm
  • Width (incl. handles):24cm
  • Depth:8cm
  • Height (incl. lid):12cm
  • Volume:1.75L
  • Weight:2.6Kg
  • Included item:Vermicular Recipe Book 00 (English version)
  • (1cm=0.4in 1L=1.056QT 1kg=2lb 3.2oz)
  • ※ suitable for direct heat and Induction Heater

Oven Pot Round 18cm - Natural Beige (cast-iron pot)

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減らす 増やす

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Handwork and Technology

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen, the pot’s body and
lid are built to a 0.01 mm accuracy to perfectly fit each other.
Combined with remarkable heat conduction technology,
ultimate waterless cooking becomes possible.
The whole purpose is to get the most flavor out of the ingredients.

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